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Arm and Wrist Pain - What you can do


There are many things that can cause arm and wrist pain. Whether it be from a traumatic sports injury, an accident, or even a strain from repetitive actions such as typing or holding an electronic device, there are an unlimited number of things that can cause arm and wrist injuries. If you are living in or visiting Spokane and are struggling with such pain, we understand that finding relief is a top priority. If you see your doctor, they will more than likely put you on a medication that will only treat the symptoms of the pain, but not the root cause. If you are looking for a more natural cure that focuses on the actual cause of your pain, then a chiropractor is your best answer. At Stanford Chiropractic, we provide our clients with more than just back adjustments; we provide relief for the entire body.


What is the root cause of your arm and wrist pain?


Sometimes its easy to tell what’s causing your pain, and other times the reason behind your pain is not so clear. It’s during times like these, when the answer is not so clear, that a chiropractor can help you the most and give you the answers you are looking for. Your first appointment with your chiropractor will involve a thorough examination during which tests and exams will be completed to determine where your pain is actually stemming from. It’s during the initial consultation with the chiropractor that many people are surprised to realize that much of their pain is actually stemming from a deep-rooted problem like muscle strain or tightness, nutritional deficits, slipped discs, and so on and so forth.


What can a Chiropractor do to help?


Your first step on your route to recovery for arm and wrist pain will be your examination, and while determining the root cause of your problem is certainly a good starting point, it is not the finish line. From here, your chiropractor will work alongside you to determine natural solutions that you can use to help ease your pain and heal your problem areas. Chiropractic adjustments are certainly part of the treatment process, but your specialist may also suggest things such as dietary changes, exercises, or physical therapy that can speed the process and aide you along in your journey to recovery. When you visit Stanford Chiropractic, we want to be sure that you are not being forced to take dangerous medications or being talked into expensive surgeries that you don’t want. At our clinic, we know that the key to helping you feel better lies within yourself and that the body can be powerful and self-healing when given the proper tools.


Are you in need of Chiropractic Care?


The statistics are astounding - over 80% of people who suffer from arm and wrist pain think that the pain will eventually go away on its own. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In the majority of cases, the pain will either stay the same or could even escalate - both of which lead to long-term discomfort. If you are tired of living a life of pain and don’t want to continue taking medications that could be harmful to your health, visit Dr. Stanford, a chiropractor in the Spokane, WA area. Dr. Stanford can help make natural adjustments that will lead to a healthier body, less pain, and healing. As an added note, shoulder pain can also be included within this category.

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