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Treatment practices such as the use of drugs and surgery have been the socially conventional approach in the treatment of many acute and chronic conditions as well as the primary treatment for many diseases in the USA for some time. Alternative medicine, however, is on the rise with treatment centers such as Stanford Chiropractic taking a leading role in treating various health conditions. Alternative healthcare professionals use a different approach in the treatment of their patients than the standard traditional methods of drugs and surgery. They embrace the use of less invasive, natural solutions in treating ailments of the body and health conditions and adopt new ways of taking care of the whole person! 

Why Non-Allopathic medical providers are called “Alternative” Health Care? 

Traditional allopathic medicine has been popularized through the strong lobbying bodies of the American Medical Association (AMA) as well as the Pharmaceutical industry which accounts for a large percentage of allopathic medical treatments. Between these two lobbying groups, the World Health Organization and the other various health governing bodies of the USA and its states have adopted health care protocols and insurance reimbursement standards that favor the AMA and the Pharmaceutical industry while attempting to eliminate and minimize the use of alternative healthcare whose practitioners have either been denied prescription rights or who have chosen not to make pharmaceuticals a part of their health care practice.


Why Choose Alternative Medicine Practitioners? 


While allopathic treatments of drugs and surgery may often reduce and relieve pain and other symptoms temporarily, these treatments are not always the best-suited treatments available to obtain optimal relief of symptoms with minimal side effects. Allopathic medicine has become very effective in Emergency Medicine. But the side effects of drugs and surgery often out weight the benefits for many less serious conditions that are often best treated with less invasive treatments that emphasize the body’s ability to heal itself.  Alternative health practitioners emphasize these types of less invasive treatments and emphasize the treatment of the cause of the patient’s conditions as much as possible while minimizing the emphasis on simply treating the presenting symptoms. When the symptoms are the focus of the care, this is often referred to as palliative care and in this type of care that the conditions are bound to recur after a short time because the cause of the symptoms has not been addressed. Dr. Stanford, an alternative medicine practitioner, understands both the strengths as well as the shortcomings of the traditional medicine in the treatment of various health issues and adopts a different approach that uses natural solutions for various health problems and ensuring proper functioning of every part of the body. When allopathic evaluation or treatment is needed, Dr. Stanford is quick to recognize this and refer his patients to a Medical Doctor or other appropriate health care practitioner.

How Alternative Medicine Works

The type of ailment and treatment needed varies from one patient to another. Therefore, our alternative medicine practitioner conducts appropriate Orthopedic, Chiropractic, Neurologic and Functional Assessment Testing to determine the cause of the problem then provides the best solutions that will help the body heal itself for the most optimal long term prognosis. There are numerous alternative solutions used by practitioners all over the world with some of them being more popular than others. Some of the common alternative solutions in Spokane that are essential in healing include:

• Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments

• Massage

• Nutritional counseling 
• Dietary supplements
• Hormonal therapies 
• Physical therapies

• Acupuncture
• Mind-body exercise 

Treatment of various conditions by the alternative medicine practitioner is gradual. The practitioners must monitor the patients to ensure that the patients have the help required to keep them safe and allow them to live a comfortable life. Some conditions especially those that have been ongoing for a long time may take longer to recover from the deficiencies and other dysfunction. Therefore, it is advisable for patients to go for long-term alternative solutions at Stanford Chiropractic to ensure complete healing and recovery of the body. 


The alternative treatment is the best option for individuals looking for a less invasive, more affordable care with fewer risks while emphasizing the body’s ability to heal itself. The effectiveness of the alternative medicine practitioner in the healing of various diseases has led to the increase in the number of adults using alternative medicine with Chiropractic being the most commonly utilized alternative form of medicine. Currently, approximately 40% of the general population has embraced the use of alternative treatments and the number continues to rise. While all types of medicine serve a purpose in supporting good health, alternative therapies that aid the body’s own healing helps you to maintain your best quality of life by helping you to stay Well rather than waiting for an emergency care situation where you are no longer able to enjoy life. Consider making Chiropractic and other forms of alternative medicine a regular part of your life to address the root causes of your conditions rather than just focusing on the symptoms and start living at your best! 

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