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The Effects of Lower Back Pain


 Lower back pain affects thousands of people in the Spokane area every day. Not only is there the physical discomfort but back pain is responsible for many missed activities. Being kept from activities by this type of pain is upsetting enough that most sufferers seek relief of one kind or another. Sooner or later, most chronic back pain sufferers are offered prescription medications, injections or even surgery, without any guarantees of success. The list of side effects from medication alone turns many people toward a more natural, complementary approach with chiropractic care.  Dr. Stanford is a chiropractor in Spokane and he will be able to help you with your general health and delve into what is causing your lower back pain.



Taking Control of Back Pain


There are many factors that contribute to lower back pain. Some of these factors can be present for decades. Previous injuries (sports, falls or car accidents for example), general tension combined with less than ideal nutrition, sitting too much or standing too long or even muscle strain can contribute. By addressing those root causes rather than trying to mask the pain medications, you’ll find significant relief quickly that will greatly improve your quality of life. A chiropractor will help you through this process, helping you to learn more about your health. Through this entire process, you can take control of your health and discover back pain solutions that work.



How Can a Chiropractor Help?


As many as 31 million Americans suffer from back pain each year. Sufferers are finding that conventional approaches with prescription medications, injections or surgeries are simply not effective. Chiropractic care has particularly been becoming more popular, as it is a natural,  approach to care for the back no matter where the pain is centered. When patients seek chiropractic care for help with their back pain, the first step is comprehensive testing to determine the cause of the pain. This creates the basis for permanent healing.


Once the underlying cause of each back pain is determined, you and your chiropractor will develop a plan designed to improve your wellness and impact all of your health-related goals. Chiropractic adjustments are most commonly used by chiropractors to release stress, align the back and create a healthier flow of oxygen and blood. Chiropractic care is often complemented with supplements, nutrition and exercise to create even greater long-term healing.



For professional chiropractic care in the Spokane area call Dr Standford at 509-535-5771 for an assessment and to develop a chiropractic wellness plan to improve your health and back pain.

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