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Chiropractor services

Chiropractors are health care professionals that are highly trained, focused on aligning the spine and the back in order to help the entire body function as it’s meant to. For this purpose, they perform specialized adjustments in various areas of the neck, back, pelvis and or extremities where there is joint dysfunction, joint restriction, tissue misalignment, pain, inflammation and or increased pressure. Chiropractors focus on treating the cause of your symptoms rather than just the symptoms themselves and also emphasize natural healing as their top priority as opposed to traditional allopathic approaches which rely heavily on prescription medicine and surgery. 

Medical Clinic

For good reason, some chiropractic offices in Spokane are often referred by patients as a Medical Clinic. Chiropractors working there do much more than just simply adjust the neck or back to help with pain. They are looking for efficient solutions that allow the body to naturally heal so it can act again as a well-functioning whole system. Whether you’re dealing with chronic neck pain, dislocation from a car accident or tightness in your muscles, a chiropractor will provide you with the most reliable and efficient solution you need to allow you to get you on the road to being pain free.

Alternative Medicine Practitioner

Most people choose to go to a traditional doctor for medical assistance when they experience pain. However, in this case, they generally will only receive a prescription that aims to help numb the body’s ability to sense the discomfort on a temporary basis. Because the pain usually returns, many have started to seek out help from chiropractors for their aches and pains.


Chiropractors focus on treating the underlying causes rather than giving medications that often come with side effects. To do this, they start with medical exams and tests that are not usually offered to patients by traditional doctors. At Stanford Chiropractic we utilize Chiropractic, Orthopedic, Neurological as well as Functional Assessment Examination procedures as necessary to establish an accurate and specific diagnosis which then allows for optimal treatment of the diagnosed condition!

A chiropractor will know the problem’s exact root cause once in-depth testing is completed, so the issue can be addressed with solutions that are the most effective. This may include dietary changes, spinal adjustments, home care, exercise therapy, rehabilitative therapies, or other natural solutions that aim to promote natural body healing. For those looking for a reliable alternative to medications or surgery, this form of care is a perfect option and is customized to your specific needs!

Rehabilitation Center

For those who need help with rehabilitation after suffering auto injuries, chiropractic offices are popular resources. This is because chiropractors are highly trained professionals who focus on natural body healing. Their training, knowledge, and experience ensure that each patient who suffers from auto injuries is given a custom rehabilitation plan that works best for their particular type of injury. 

Wellness Center

Chiropractors promote individual wellness for everyone, aiming to enhance health by shifting the focus to the underlying issues from the symptoms. This approach encourages the body to heal itself. Once this occurs, it will start functioning as it did before the pain or injury occurred, resulting in total wellness for the patient. 


A chiropractic wellness center makes this top priority because it's essential to have a body that works as it was designed to.

Walk in clinic

The chiropractor offices in Spokane also work as a walk-in clinic where you can also enjoy a professional massage session performed by a highly trained massage therapist if needed. Massage has an important role in relaxing the body, detoxifying the tissues, reducing stress levels and as a method to achieve overall wellness. Massage has been practiced for thousands of years and today there are many different massage therapy styles that employ a variety of techniques, movements, and pressures that can help aid with blood flow and work in conjunction with your custom rehabilitation plan from your chiropractor.

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