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Relief From Migraines and Headaches

When headaches occur after an accident, they might be warning signs of something serious. Follow-up care is as important as the immediate medical care with a DC, even if you there are no apparent physical injuries. In-depth testing needs to be done to determine the trigger for the headaches. The most common underlying issues include:



A sudden force in the car accident whips your head back and forward, causing tendons and muscles to tear or stretch. The strain caused by this whipping movement is referred to as whiplash, which often causes headaches for a long time after the accident. Whiplash causes a Cervicogenic Headache. A migraine-type headache felt above the eyes, at the back of the head, and in the upper back.




























Strain on tendons and muscles results in muscle spasms that put tension on the neck muscles. This leads to headaches that return over months and years.



The car accident’s impact causes the brain to impact inside of the skull, which results in a concussion. Loss of consciousness may or may not occur.


Headaches are indicators that something just isn’t right.  Dr. Stanford Can Help!




The first step is the detailed testing that is provided for every patient. This provides Dr. Stanford with a total vision of what is causing your headaches. Torn ligaments, brain swelling, or several other issues that would not be diagnosed with basic tests.


Personalized Treatment Plans

Once Dr. Stanford has the results of his tests, he will create a customized treatment plan to target the core cause of the headaches. The most common treatments that are used include:


  •  Massage: Stimulates healing in tissues and helps increase circulation.

  • Spinal Manipulation: Reduces inflammation, increases circulation, and help to reduce neck pressure.

  • Therapeutic Modalities: Several different modalities are used to relax muscles and reduce inflammation which promotes healing.



Dr. Stanford takes pride working with patients throughout the journey to relieve headaches. Follow-up appointments track progress so treatment recommendations can be adjusted as necessary. And finally, jaw pain is a side effect that results from a collision.  Call us today @ 509-535-5771 if you are experiencing any discomfort!


























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