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Back Issues Caused by Vehicle Collision


Although you may not have experienced severe injury during an auto accident, you may still may experience tenderness and minor discomfort when performing specific motions.  This makes it critical to see a Dr. Stanford who is a Doctor of Chiropractic dedicated to exposing the unique source of your issue and ultimately offer a service that is effective and does not use painkillers or unnecessary prescription drugs that dampen pain but do not solve the root problem, leaving it to recur.


Where Does Your Back Issue Begin?


No one can predict how a collision will occur. Each is as unique as each individual patient.  Thus, it is necessary for each case to be thoroughly screened, analyzed, and examined before an accurate diagnosis and remedy can be planned.  From the beginning of your visit, Dr. Stanford customizes your treatment and targets your personal needs.


How Do I Locate My Back Issues?


Usual suspects of back pain:


* Fractures, cracks, and breaks in the bone

* Tears in different types of tissues

* Subluxation and Herniation

* Over extension leading to strains and sprains

* Shock from erratic and sudden movement, typically whiplash


The spot found directly at the back of the neck usually is the focal point for pain, as well as the upper portion of the back, following a vehicular collision.  Due to how much freedom the neck has, its discs (cervical vertebra) sometimes get crushed or receive damaging amounts of pressure and stress.  This is also the case for vertebrae located in the middle of the back (thoracic vertebra) as well as below that at the base of the back (lumbar vertebra).  Since all of the parts of the spine are connected to each other and to muscles, tissues and nerves, damage in these areas leads to pain that can linger.



What Can Make Back Issues Disappear?


After a visit to Dr. Stanford, a thorough examination and investigation into your targeted issue, you will receive treatments such as:


Physical Therapy or Massage


Chiropractors are trained and skilled in the manipulation of the body in order to minimize damage and discomfort caused by vehicular collisions, as well as risk of ongoing problems, and are certified to apply massage therapy to fix back issues.




When the spine gets knocked out of position, it is a valuable remedy to have a D.C. put the vertebra or disc back into place or release a pinched nerve.  Out of the multitude of methods that are proven to remove irritation and complications due to car wrecks, Dr. Stanford will select the most effective technique to suit precisely what your body needs.

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