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Many injuries can take a long time to heal. They must be fixed with casts, bandages, and require frequent treatments to the doctor's office. Often, a person can be negatively affected by an external injury for months or even years. But imagine what those kinds of injuries can do to a person's interior. There are no safe, effective bandages for interior injuries or the spine that is out of alignment. These injuries can cause the same kinds of pain and weakness that exterior injuries do, and most medical professionals are not trained to treat them. Also, the treatments that most medical professionals conduct are rooted in drugs and surgery that many patients are very uncomfortable with.


That is where chiropractors step in.


Chiropractic Care and Rehabilitation: Different Paths to the Same Goal


Chiropractic care is effective at rehabilitating multiple injuries in a similar way to other traditional rehabilitation treatments. In fact, chiropractic care can greatly aid the rehabilitation process. Superior care results from the chiropractic approach, which is non-surgical and non-pharmacological. The chiropractic approach means that those interested in rehab can recover without the fear of painful surgical side effects or the worry that a drug regimen will cause opioid dependency, not to mention, the risk of overdose. 


How Does Chiropractic Care in Spokane work?


Chiropractic care in clinics such as our clinic in Spokane WA require an initial examination to get to the root of your pain and other symptoms and to determine a proper treatment and care plan. These treatments often are centered around corrective manipulations of the spine, the neck, and other areas to reduce tension and relieve pain. They may be combined with supplement treatment recommendations and a discussion of the multiple causes of discomfort, along with future treatments. Multiple sessions may also be necessary for the patient to fully recover. Additional sessions may involve further neck or spine manipulation and a shift in supplement utilization.


Does Type of Care Matter?


Type of care can matter for many patients. Some patients are comfortable with the approach of traditional medicine, while others may need a more natural healing approach as found with Chiropractic. Many individuals have become increasingly concerned with toxicity from the drugs they have been prescribed to cope with their pain. Chiropractic care can help patients avoid these many pitfalls. It can provide a safe alternative to drug therapy or further surgical intervention. Those who are interested in drug-free care should consider a chiropractor for their natural pain-relief and wellness needs.

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