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Arms and wrists tend to be unprotected while a driver holds the steering wheel of the car. Because of this, they have a high injury rate in collisions. After an injury to this area, there can be abnormal sensations in the wrists or arms and discomfort.


Dr. Stanford is trained to recognize the signs of trauma in wrists and arms after auto accidents. He has proven techniques to provide relief of discomfort and is dedicated to your complete recovery and satisfaction.


Causes for Wrist Pain


  • Tiny bones in the wrist can crack or fracture during sudden impact

  • Connective tissues that hold together the skeleton at its joints can receive excessive stress, which can rip or overextend.

  • Tendinitis happens when tissue connecting muscle to bone swells due to any form of damage. It can appear through a loss of sensation or restriction of movement in the connecting area between hand and forearm.


Why Visit a Chiropractor for Wrist Issues?


Dr. Stanford offers a specialized test to all patients to investigate each individual case and target the source of the problem before creating a unique treatment. These treatments typically involve corrections in wrist alignment. This returns the structure of the skeleton back to its appropriate position. These adjustments can improve blood flow, relieve stress and swelling, and enhance flexibility while loosening up tight muscles. Every individual treatment is specific to the patient and the details of the injury in question.



Potential Culprits of Arm Pain


* Problems in the spine due to damage of discs can pinch and put pressure in unrelated areas that are felt throughout the arms.

* Tissues and muscles can experience overextension during a vehicular collision of any severity of. This can lead to enlargement of tissues and tendons as well as nerve sensitivity and discomfort.

* The discomfort or abnormalities experienced in the arms could be warning signs of compromises to spinal health usually found in similar cases.


Why Visit Dr. Stanford for Arm & Wrist Injuries?


After personalized screening and comprehensive sets of questions and analysis, unique and custom motion routines are built to enhance movement capabilities and set tissues to heal properly.


Dr. Stanford has specific and applied education concerning the correction of compromises to spine placement. Realignments custom designed for each patient release unwanted pressure and stress experienced in the arms and back, giving attention to the damage done on the spine.

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