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Lower back pain is a common problem that affects millions of people every day, leaving a majority of those with the impression that surgery is the only chance to get better. While medications and surgery can offer relief, but at what cost? Sadly, most of these medicines have a long list of side effects, and the surgeries may even worsen the problem. 


At Stanford Chiropractic, we provide care for our patients without these risks. As a result, we focus on surgery-free and drug-free chiropractic solutions to treat back pain. Rather than treating the symptoms, we dig deeper to the underlying causes of back pain which leads to long-term relief without the application of dangerous medications and surgeries. 


Why do we focus on finding the underlying reason(s) for your back pain? Because back pain has a variety of root causes. Therefore, digging deep helps us understand the specific reason(s) for your back pain such as bad posture, past accidents, etc. In addition, some individuals have struggled with their back pain for years which has resulted in even more serious issues that require immediate care and attention.

It's time you take your back pain seriously!


How often do you experience lower back pain? The American Journal of Medicine says that this term is used by someone who has experienced their pain for more than 4 weeks. If you fall into this category, it’s important to seek medical help or else the condition may continue to worsen. Ignoring it may result in a damaged immune system or disrupted nerve flow which will result in intense pain. 


Unfortunately, a majority of back pain sufferers seek medical help when their condition worsens. There are quick fixes like cortisone shots which will reduce pain but they can be also hazardous in the long run. Surgery is very expensive and is never a guaranteed cure for the discomfort. The best way to get rid of back pain is to address the root cause


Are you looking for an effective form of care? Then chiropractic care is what you need. We assess each patient’s condition individually to help with varying degrees of back pain beginning with mild to severe. 

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