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Jaw Pain

Have you sought chiropractic care after a car accident in the Spokane area? The in-depth knowledge of healing and the body is why so many seek chiropractic care. This is even more true for jaw pain after an accident. Jaw pain can be an indication of significant trauma.


Jaw Injuries fromCar Accidents


Cause: Known as the “temporomandibular joint”, they connect your skull to your jawbone on each side of your head. They are important for everyday function, as you speak, make facial expressions, and eat. A car accident causes an injury in the TM joints when whiplash or trauma is sustained. Whiplash particularly, as the head whips forward and backward, this puts the lower jaw under pressure. When this occurs, the joint becomes inflamed or dislocated. During a car accident, the jaw can be dislocated or fractured.

Treatment: Chiropractors like Dr. Stanford are able to make adjustments to the jaw based on your individual jaw injury. These jaw injuries may create pressure on the skull, upper spine and jaw, so the adjustments relieve irritation and inflammation of the tissues and nerves. “Active release” therapy is a soft tissue technique that is a common treatment for TMJ. This works to break up scar tissue on muscles and ligaments to help relieve the pain of TMJ.


Cause: Excessive grinding or clenching of the teeth, particularly during sleep. This is common after car accidents with neck or back pain.

Treatment: In bruxism, the jaw is not generally the problem. The nerves that are on the inside of the jaw connect to the pain receptors of the spine. This is why pain in the jaw is common after neck   injuries. When you visit Dr. Stanford, a chiropractor in Spokane WA he not focus on the jaw exclusively, but the back and neck as well. Different adjustments or exercises may be needed to alleviate pain and reduce nerve irritation..


​​Addressing Jaw Pain

Addressing your jaw pain and the cause is what a chiropractor does. A chiropractor will complete a thorough evaluation of your entire body to plan the treatments necessary to heal you and reduce your pain.



Car accidents commonly cause shoulder injuries.  The shoulder trauma sustained is quite different for every individual person, depending on the impact experienced in the accident. Some common shoulder injuries include:

  • Ripped muscles

  • Strains

  • Sprains

  • Torn rotator cuffs

  • Fractured bone


How Dr. Stanford Helps With Shoulder Injuries

Chiropractors are familiar with the ligaments, muscles, joints, tendons and bones that make up the shoulder. This complete understanding means Dr. Stanford will look for the cause of the pain to find a way to target that cause and promote healing.

Solutions use to promote healing naturally include:


Adjustments are recommended because they align misplaced vertebrae, alleviate inflammation,  and correct issues between the shoulder and the spine.


Brachial Plexus Healing

Your brachial plexus is a nerve bundle that works the shoulder, arm, wrists, elbow and hand. When it is injured in an accident, the nerves create pain, muscle weakness, and numbness.


Massage Therapy

Shoulder injuries benefit from the improved circulation, reduced inflammation and increased flexibility massage brings. Dr. Stanford is skilled with massage treatment.


​​The Difference

Patients are not prescribed medications that numb pain. They are given an evaluation determining the cause of the pain. As a result, there is personalized care targeting the pain quickly, effectively, and without prescription medications. This promotes healing so the shoulder can be more functional in the future. If you suffer with pain due to a car accident, call right away. From whiplash to back injuries chiropractic care can help return you to your normal, pain-free life.

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