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If you are looking for the best place to go for a vacation this holiday then one of the best places to consider is South Hill, Washington. There so many things to do and see in South Hill that will make your holiday enjoyable therefore a nice place to visit.


South Hill has very beautiful parks that one can visit and enjoy the activities in them. The first park is the Manito Park. This park is a gem to the people of South hill because it has great space for family gathering, walking, riding, driveways, picnics and the view of beautiful, old homes around the park. The park has very beautiful flowers in the Duncan garden, such as the roses and the lilac with huge gardens and a very beautiful enclosed Japanese garden.


The presence of very beautiful trees makes the park attractive, especially during the summer with full, leaves and, with magnificent colors and during the winter the trees look like crystals and also during this time their sledding hills. Secondly, it has good playing areas for the kids, an arboretum, A large pond with wonderful looking ducks swimming and walking around it. the park will be a good place to wander around. The other park to go to is the Designed Central Park which was actually designed by the same people who designed the Manito Park, the Olmsted others. The view around this park is the best and you can walk, ride and drive around.

The other thing to do in South Hill is to move around and relax and see the beautiful and old homes around the towns with amazing designs and architecture. the houses are actually unique, with some houses with littles sunrooms and balconies, beautiful shady boulevards and old trees and no mirror image truck homes. The neighborhood also has great coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants chiropractors in the South Hill area and good bus routes downtown.


There also other special things to do. To move around the high drive viewing the area. Everything that is good is located beside the high drive, such as the parks, the mall, the beautiful schools, homes and other beautiful places, therefore if you walk on the high drive it will lead you to your preferred destination. If you visit South Hill the first place to go is the downtown, here you get god bars, food outlets, and restaurant, shops, hostels, welcoming people and you will definitely feel at home.

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