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Neck Injuries

After a car accident, necks are often sore and inflexible as compared to before. While a conventional doctor may help with pain with prescription medicines, this does not heal the underlying injury. Dr. Stanford comes focuses on addressing the core cause of the injury in an effective and natural manner. This varies from person to person but typically neck pain after a car accident is caused by:

  • Whiplash (rapid “whipping” of the neck back and forth)

  • Vertebral Subluxation

  • Muscle Strain

  • Tear, Bulge or Rupture in Vertebras

  • Muscle Weakness



Once Dr. Stanford determines the cause of your pain, the most effective solution can then be determined. Different for every person, no two plans for treatment are the same as must they are determined individually. Some of the typical solutions include:


​​Chiropractic Adjustments

Adjustments help reduce pain and restore balance by aligning the vertebrae that moved from position in the accident. This eliminates irritation and reduces pressure so your neck can function properly again.

Common adjustments include:

  • Cervical Manual Traction: Pulling gently on the neck to stretch out the cervical spine.

  • Cervical Mobilization: Moving vertebra gently in the neck left and right. This helps reduce areas that there is restricted motion.

Therapeutic Exercises

Exercises can help re-train muscles to support posture. This leads to healing in the neck while reducing pain.


Chiropractors often recommend massage for patients because it helps improve circulation while releasing tension in the neck after a car accident. Trigger point therapy, specifically, helps alleviate knots in muscles and reduces aches and pains.


​​Is it Time to Seek help?

Make an appointment immediately after a car accident, even when the pain is not yet noticeable. At the appointment, Dr. Stanford will evaluate your situation fully to determine what issues have arisen from the accident. You will learn solutions and treatments that will reduce neck pain without  resorting to dangerous prescription medications that mask pain instead of providing healing.


Even pain in the shoulder after an accident is targeted with chiropractic medicine.

If there has been a car accident, call us now at (509) 535-5771​ for an appointment.



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