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Protecting the Back


The spine, consisting of the back up through the neck, is highly susceptible to damage and complications such as discomfort as a result of an auto collision.  Most doctors administer pain numbing products that only cover up surface symptoms and neglect the root cause, whereas chiropractors guide patients through an organic recovery process that targets the underlying problem.  Dr. Stanford serves his patients without relying on dangerous medications, and personalizes each treatment without the need for blanket prescriptions that only mute pain instead of curing ailments.

Lower, middle and upper back pain each require different treatments. Dr Stanford will recreate proper spinal alignment to improve patient comfort and lessen swelling.  Each of these treatments assists in the process of improving movement capabilities and posture.



Usual Sources of Back Problems Following a Collision


Ripped/Overextended Tissues


A human being tends to get thrashed in jerky, repetitive ways during any car accident, which can rip or overextend many different parts of the body.  Since ligaments, tissues, joints, muscles, and bones are interlinked with each other, discomfort can radiate throughout more than simply the injured area.  


Dislocation of Joint or Organ


Subluxation can be induced by the aftereffects brought on by a vehicular collision.  Bones in the spine stay out of position and add unwanted stress to veins, nerves, and tissues.  If a specialist does not examine the issue immediately, the discomfort will only continue to increase in severity which risks chronic damage.  


Usual Resolution to Back Problems:




A professional chiropractor with years of applied knowledge can perform guaranteed successful and completely non-harmful procedures to adjust vertebrae back into place, helping to reduce swelling, discomfort, and bring relief to sensitive and tender areas.  


Usual Sources of Neck Problems Following a Collision:




During a vehicular collision, the head gets snapped in many directions at high speeds, which can rip and overextend areas throughout the neck where the head meets the spine.  


Subluxation in the Neck


A lot of the tension and headaches attributed to vehicular collisions stem from the head being left in an incorrect alignment with the spine.  When not taken care of, this can stop the normal circulation in the veins and result in damage to the nervous system.



Usual Resolutions to Neck Problems




Once a complete screening and examination has been completed, Dr. Stanford has all of the information that he needs to supply the proper alignment to improve comfort and lessen swelling.  Each of these treatments assists in the gaining back of movement capabilities and improvement of posture.


Targeted Therapy


Once Dr. Stanford ascertains the cause of discomfort and restriction of movement, the cause of rigidity in limbs and body parts, he then applies focused force on targeted points to eradicate the sensation of frozen muscles.

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