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The average weather in South Hill consists of short periods of warm, dry and partly cloudy summers while the winters are very cold, overcast and wet. The warm season which lasts for three months starts in late June and ends in early September with August being the hottest month. South Hills cold season lasts for four months and it starts in November going up to March with January being the coldest month where temperatures dip as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit.


Cloud Cover and Precipitation


South Hill experiences extreme seasonal variations throughout the year. Clear skies are usually experienced during the summer season, between June and October. The cold season has the cloudiest months. November is considered as the cloudiest month in South Hill since it experiences an average overcast of almost 80 percent. 

Just like the Cloud Cover, precipitation in South Hill significantly varies throughout the year. The wetter season which usually lasts for 7 months starts from October to March with chances of wet days peaking in November. The remaining five months are considered as the drier months. Precipitation in South Hill can be distinguished in terms of rain and snow. There are days where it only rains, snows or there is a combination of the two. Rain falls throughout the year but it peaks in November and drops down in July. Rain is the most common type of precipitation in South Hill because the type of snowfall experienced here is usually 0.1 inches throughout the year.

Humidity and Wind


The humidity levels experienced here does not significantly vary all through the year because the levels remain virtually constant at zero percent in most months. However, there is a mild seasonal variation in wind speeds over the course of the year. The windier months lie between October and April where the wind speeds are averagely 4.2 miles per hour. December is considered as the Windiest month because the daily wind speeds are averagely 5 miles per hour. 

The calmer period starts in Late April to Mid-October. August is considered as the calmest month where wind speeds are averagely 3 miles per hour. Note that both the windier and calmer seasons in South Hill last for 6 months.


Best Time of Year to Visit


Although South Hill, Washington has a pleasant weather throughout the year, the best time to visit this place is during the clear, rainless and warm days. The tourism score shows that this period is between mid July and late august.

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